Diana Vickers

So, another great performance from Diana Vickers on the weekend.

I have no idea what it is about her vocals that I find so appealing, but I do.  This week, Diana made an oldie sound new, which was amazing because its a song to which I listen often and enjoy, but with her it sounded completely different.  I do so enjoy watching every minute of her performances, too.  The costume design this week was sublime, only the girl still doesn’t wear shoes on stage.    If the X Factor ever release the performances in the competiton on CD, I may be tempted to buy it.  I know she won’t win, because the British public are far more commercial in their choices.    Shame, really.

On another note, I attemped to work through the first exercises of my Gaelic books.   I’ve never had too much difficulty with mimicking accents, but Gàidhlig has me stumped.  I understand certain letter combinations being silent when in the middle of a word, and I get that the sound of a consonant changes depending on if its surrounded by a short or long vowel, but pronouncing this breathy consonants has me truly tongue tied.   I really do need a native speaker to help me out.  I’ve contacted local Scottish Associations and Gàidhlig Associations in London and Kent, but have had no response.  So, dear reader, if you know of someone in these areas willing to take on a novice speaker, please leave a comment below providing as much detail as you can.

I don’t think I am going to get very far with these CDs/books and interactive websites.  What’s more, some of these programmes have been heavily criticised by the folk at of Fòrnam na Gàidhlig.

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