Odds & Sods

I have to admit it:  I’ve been watching “The X Factor“.  Normally, I watch “Strictly Come Dancing” if I’m home in the evenings at this time of year, but one particular contestant on The X Factor has caught my ear.  Her name is Diana Vickers.  Miss Vickers has to be the most original performer I’ve ever seen on one of these shows.  If she had an album out now, I would be purchasing it if I could.  True, she doesn’t have the power of the other two female contestants, but her vocal stylings set her apart from anyone I’ve ever heard before and, to my mind, that puts her ahead of anyone else in the competition.

I could listen to Diana Vickers sing over and over again and I find myself channel hopping to catch repeats of her performance.  I have a feeling she won’t win, as her talent falls outside of that displayed by the typical winning contestants of these programmes, but I’m sure she’ll do just fine without Mr Cowell and his cronies behind her.  Speaking of which, Mr Cowell may be a music mogul but he appears to be sabotaging his three contestants and one, in particular, could win the whole show if only Mr Cowell’s choices weren’t so poor.

Moving on:  I spent most of the weekend surrounded by music.  My iPod is a gods-send.  I had it on shuffle and just listened to all my old (and new) albums constantly, even purchased an adaptor so I could play it in my car stereo as well.  Its less dangerous that way.  I’m uploading more albums tonight and I hope to get my whole collection on there eventually.  What a joy to be able to run, jump, vaccum, wash dishes, dance about like a madwoman and not have the music jump at any point.   Love it!

I also managed to go outside for an hour this weekend and take my small camera on a reconnaisance to see what Autumn had brought to the neighbourhood.  I found some interesting mushrooms and some lovely colours to snap.

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  1. njaithewriter

    Good writing!!

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