Upgrade = Upload

So, work finally upgraded our computers to XP, which means I can now use my iPod (I only bought it last xmas).  Well, that’s the theory.  The reality is that I don’t know how to upload my albums without saving them to my computer’s hard drive, which I cannot do as my entire album collection will chew up all the memory which I require for work.

Still, I have some albums and podcasts uploaded.  All I need to do is pick up a iPod converter, so I can use it in my cassette deck in the car and I will have music for my commute to and from work.   Then, in the New Year I will use my overtime funds to purchase a car stereo, closely followed by mobile broadband for a home computer, which will be a refurbished work computer.   Then, folks, I will have home access to the net and can upload photographs, music and take better care of those message boards where I am moderator.

I just hope it all goes to plan.   Fingers crossed.

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