The Return of the Green Valley?

Leanne, over at Somerset Seasons, wrote on her blog that there is to be a new series by the Green Valley team.  Try as I might, I cannot find any further information, so if anyone knows anything about it, can you please leave a comment here?

I loved the series, “Tales from the Green Valley” when it aired a few years back.  So much so, I have it on DVD.  I relished their attempts to recreate the living and farming conditions of the medieval period inspiring.  I did read on another blog, Circle of the Year, that the owners of the original farm hold courses from time to time, wherein you can learn how to do various tasks as they were done in the 17th century.  Now, I think that would be fun ~ if only I had the time and money.

Update:  I found some more information by trawling Google News.  This time they are focussing on the Victorian period, so says The Telegraph.  Once again, the team have filmed a whole year’s work.   Although its the Victorian era, and its not really an area in which I’m interested, I will still enjoy watching the series, I’m sure.

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