Handy Hair Accessories

The other night my work colleague came in and I noticed her new, sleek up do and she showed me an accessory that she had purchased from Claire’s Accessories.  Its called a bandette comb.   I was fascinated as I always wear my hair up using a claw grip, which doesn’t like flat and can give me headaches.

So, on Saturday I went to Claire’s Accessories and found myself faced with a myriad of hair accessories.   I saw the one to which my colleague referred and purchased one.   Mistake!!!  Should have purchased two.  It was so easy to use and so comfortable, as it lays flat against the scalp, that I was able to sleep in it thus avoiding the knotty situation in which I usually find myself.   Basically, its a comb that you slide behind a twist, with a band that you run over the twist to keep in in place.  Fabulous!

I cannot recommend this product enough.   Okay, so the picture is of the Vidal Sassoon clip, but Localoc‘s, the brand that is stocked by Claire’s Accessories does just as well.

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  1. annlinda

    This is a fabulous product! I happen to know that the inventor of the product is David Silva, owner of Localoc (and inventor/designer of many cool hair accessories, from Revlon, Vidal Sassoon, Sunbeam, etc.- including the popular Twist ‘n’ Clip Headband). Localoc sells to Claire’s, but also lets the Vidal Sassoon company sell it too (they are both the same product wether it is the Bandette Localoc or Bandette Vidal Sassoon). The best place to find them is at Claire’s!

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