Unexpected Gift

Paperweight Gift

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As readers of this blog will know, I have been working large amounts of overtime and undertook shift changes in the last few weeks.  Economic upheavals and other goings on have resulted in an increased workload for my employers.   A good thing for me, as with my financial woes preceding that of the global troubles, I cannot afford to be laid off, so I am more than happy to work all the hours the gods send.  Even so, it was rather generous of one of the clients to bring gifts from their country to distribute to all those who aided them in their business here in the U.K.   I was one such lucky recipient and you can see what one very generous client presented to me on the right.  Its made of glass,  hand-carved and accompanied by a poem:

Full Moon, Fragrant Flowers

A full moon,

Hearts fulfilled;

The fragrance of plum blossoms,

Yet another peaceful year.

The poem was written in the native language of client, but translated into English.   Its was a lovely surprise and I am loathe to remove it from its silk-lined presentation box and the carrier bag in which it came.  I really felt appreciated when I received my plum blossom and I was happy.

On a different note, I felt such a fool on Sunday night.  I had come into work and forgotten to bring food, so I made my way down to the only place open on Sunday, McDonalds.  Unfortunately, I had no cash so used my debit card, which was a mistake.   As the guy shuffled around handing me a plastic bag to keep the food dry (it was pouring rain), I forgot to remove my card from the “chip and pin” machine and I walked away without it.  The server wouldn’t have known because its on the customer side of the till and, as this was a city outlet and the city was pretty much empty on a rainy Sunday, it is unlikey he had another customer for a good 20 minutes or so, by which time, I was long gone.

It wasn’t until I went to purchase petrol and some food on the way home that I noticed my error.  Luckily, my sister was at work in Australia soon after I arrived home and she looked up the number for lost and stolen cards on the internet and I was able to contact my bank before any dodgy transactions appeared.  Phew.  Only problem I have now is waiting for a new card, as getting to a bank during the day is a little difficult at the moment, owing to my overtime schedule and I am in need of cash to pay for fuel.   I also had a little difficulty with Transport for London and the congestion charge without a card, but after several phone calls, I managed to pay it with an Australian debit card.

Now I know why my mother used to say I would lose my head if it wasn’t screwed on.  *LOL*

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