Additions to the Household

So, I got a chance to see the two week old puppies yesterday.   I only had a few minutes, but it was lovely to see them and take some photographs (with my compact).  I also held one of the little ‘uns.  She was so very, very soft and warm.   They are keeping them up on the third floor in an enclosed area, with a radiator so there are no nasty, chilly drafts.   Good thing as the outside temperature has recently dropped significantly.

Tess originally had seven, but she accidentally smothered one last week.  The caramel coloured puppy already has a name and a future owner.   Lucky little Oscar he is.   I may get a chance to see them next week and take some more photographs.   I look forward to watching them grow up a little. 

As their eyes have only opened in the last few days, they have yet to become trouble, though I am informed the two black puppies are very noisy.   I did note that the two black puppies snored, just like their mother.

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