A High School Reunion (Sort of)

Once again, thanks is owing to my sister.   I came into work today to find another book in my post bag.   Finally, I have it.  A copy of the old edition of “Day to Day Cookery” by I. M. Downe.   This was the book my high school (and many others) used to teach home economics.  Of course, I never took the subject, preferring instead to learn wood and metal work.

I never did have a copy of this book, and that has been a mistake.   You see, I cannot cook.  I really can’t.  Sure, I know the terms and so on, because I watch a fair few cookery programmes, but I cannot cook myself.  So, imagine my annoyance when I had a whole loaf of bread (about to go off), some milk and eggs and now way of knowing if I could make a simple bread and butter pudding.  I don’t have the internet at home, so I had no resources.

Remembering my sister’s cooking abilities and how she utilised the book, “Day to Day Cookery“, I decided I wanted a copy.   A quick search of the net, when I returned to work, showed that the old edition, printed when I was at school, contained different recipes from the current edition and a lot old favourites were missing.    Well, that was that, then.   I was going to have to get an old copy.   Only, the same message board where I read about the differences had further discussions about how difficult it was to find the older editions, as people tended to keep them – not wanting to let go of an old, reliable favourite.  Even so, I went to the Australian ebay site (the book not being printed outside of Australia) and put in a search for the book.   Well, straight away a whole collection of cook books came up, which were being sold out of Caloundra.  Yes!  Near to Brisbane and just down the road from my best friend.  I saw that the cover of the book I desired was identical to that I remembered from my high school days.  I promptly put in a bid.

A few days later I won the bid.  Now, it was just a question of organising my friend and sister to get the book to me.   So, my best friend collected it and couriered it to my sister, who posted it to me last Tuesday.   And, this is what I received in the post today.

So, the next time I have a loaf of bread going spare, I will know how to make bread and butter pudding.  *LOL*

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