Introducing Elvy


So, I took delivery of my car today and I got to drive her for the first time.  Yes, its a she.  The car has a very masculine feel about it and I’m sure the previous owner was a man, but the car (itself) has a feminine energy.   Where does the name come from, you ask?  Well, its part of her licence plate.  

Elvy is going to take a little getting used to.   She is a very smooth drive and more powerful than Voldie ever was but much, much quieter and with a smoother ride.   It also costs a lot more to fill her up at the petrol station.   I can’t see the bottom of the bonnet, which makes parking a little more difficult, and I’m not quite sure how wide she is, because its very roomy inside, and I’ve yet to go through a width restriction to check my bearings.   I’m not used to a three door car and I haven’t worked out the mechanisms on the seats yet.  Then again, its been a very long time since the back seats were used for anything other than dry cleaning or shopping.  It took me a little while to get the wipers going (which wasn’t good because it was drizzling) and I’ve mastered the headlights.   The dashboard lights up in a green colour, which is nice.  

I got my “Witches Parking Only:  All Others will be Toad” sticker on her back windscreen straight away; something I never did with Voldie.  Colin has also assured me that he has a friend (currently on holiday) who will be able to install a DAB radio, CD player with an iPod dock next month, which will be great as I don’t own any cassettes and even ClassicFM can be a bit tedious when I’m driving to work.

I do look forward to many, many years of happy driving in Elvy.

Interestingly, as Colin drove away in Voldie, I didn’t even think that would be the last time I ever saw him; not even a twinge of loss.   I guess we were meant to part ways after all.


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2 responses to “Introducing Elvy

  1. 74pappy

    YeeHaaa, glad you got her, it must be nice to drive to work now and be able to do shopping and not have lights flashing at you saying there is a fault for no reason. No more worring about be stuck in the middle of no where. Congratulations enjoy!!

  2. You’re a mind reader. I was just thinking, as I drove to work this evening, how wonderful it was not to have any warning lights on the dashboard and to have the access to power to merge onto a motorway safely.

    Already did one shop yesterday. Unfortunately, I forgot the most important item. *LOL*

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