Aren’t sisters wonderful?

Knowing I am having a tough month, money wise, and that I was stuck at home because of a lack of transport, my sister did something marvellous.

As I came into work this evening, the boys told me they had a package for me.   I opened it up and found Series 2 of “Lewis“, ITV’s follow up television drama to the Inspector Morse series.    A little further delving and I found the invoice with my sister’s name on it.   So very thoughtful.   I haven’t been able to treat myself to any DVDs or books this month and I probably won’t be able to buy anything until the end of November.   So, this was a nice surprise.

Imagine my joy, then, when I arrived at my desk and found yet another package in my drawer.  They put my mail there during the day, as I share a desk and they know I will see it.   What a treat to find the first series of “Lewis“.   I have some thing new to watch for a little while and these DVDs should last until, once again, I can purchase my own entertainment treats.

I know the exchange rate between the U.K. and Australia is not all that grand, but my wonderful, thoughtful sister assures me the two sets of DVDs were cheaper here in the UK than they are in Oz.  

If you’re reading this, Sister, know that I love you and adore you.  You are such a sweet soul.


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3 responses to “Aren’t sisters wonderful?

  1. 74pappy

    You are more than welcome, I just wish I could be there to watch them with you, as I really enjoy the show too. Love you too.

  2. You would love it. I watched two episodes (including the pilot) with a big smirk on my face as Lewis swapped quips with Hathaway. Its much more humourous than Morse ever was.

  3. 74pappy

    It is a lot more fun the Morse, but I stilled enjoyed Morse because Lewis. I can’t wait for it to come to UKTV and I can watch it again. I’m glad they bought a smile to your face, that was the idea. Love you.

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