Fingers Crossed

Had news from the mechanic searching out a secondhand car for me that he’s found two possibilities. A silver Toyota Corolla and an aquamarine Honda Civic. If only the buses hadn’t been so late this evening (and during peak hour), I could have got to the bank and transferred the money to him directly, and I might have had a car on Monday. Now, I have to wait until Monday to go to my branch and withdraw cash, which I hate doing because I never feel safe carrying any amount of cash on me.

At least the train strike has been cancelled for Monday and Tuesday. It will make working from midnight on Wednesday through to Thursday morning, and then back again Thursday evening a lot easier if I don’t spend five hours on the previous two days just getting to work.

So, keep your fingers crossed, dear readers, that my mechanic friend finds me a car by Monday. A nice, reliable, can run it into the ground and it still won’t break down, car.

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