Submission for the Pagan Poetry Pages Anthology

The Pagan Poetry Pages anthology submissions deadline is November 10th, 2008. Yes it’s actually happening!

Here’s how it works:

We need your help.

We need you to submit the poems of which you are most proud, either already showcased at PPP or new poetry. Don’t worry about type, or theme, leave that to us. Worry about what poems you really really like. If you see a poem from another PPP poet that you love, also bring that to our attention.

Submit by email to to ppp (at) anfianna (dot) com

  1. Mark your submissions CLEARLY – including the NAME YOU WANT TO BE PUBLISHED UNDER, which is very important. If you submit under “mad maddie”, then you will be acknowledged in the anthology under Mad Maggie. We won’t have time to double check with everyone what name they wish to use, etc.
  2. Include a biography.  It can be long or short, but it would be good to include: where you live; what type of poetry you like; what inspires you; if you’ve had poems published elsewhere; anything along those lines.
  3. Be aware, submission is hereby taken as permission to publish.  The PPP will be allowed to publish any poem submitted by its author in the anthology and in other forthcoming anthologies in the future.  Other than that, copyright remains with the author.

SUBMIT and be part of the very first PPP anthology of Poetry.

P.S.  Please don’t think that you’ve submitted because you’ve posted poems at the PPP site.  We need you to choose and submit, as per the above instructions, as many poems as you wish for consideration.

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