Samsung & Carphone Warehouse

So, I went down to my local Carphone Warehouse today to ask them about the missing headset.   This is what ensued.

There were only two guys serving in the shop and the gentelman in front of me was trying to purchase a laptop they had advertised in their brochure, only to be told that it was a misprint and he had to pay an extra £100.   Now, as his daughter was starting school today, he was very annoyed and asked to speak to someone higher up the management chain.  The guy serving him made the call and confirmed the deal was false.  In the end, he purchased it at the inflated price, but I feel he ought to complain to the Advertising Standards Authority for false advertising.  If Carphone Warehouse were aware of the error, why had they not withdrawn the brochure or posted an amendment on their website and in their shop windows?

After waiting in line for over 30 minutes to be served, I was finally served by the same guy.  I told him I had bought my phone six months ago, and my colleague has purchased hers last week, but he insisted that Samsung had withdrawn the headset from its boxes.   I showed him the instruction manual wherein it refers to the headset and he showed me the side of the box which showed only the phone and battery as being inside the box.  I considered this a ridiculous argument, because the box also contains charger, which is not listed on the side of the box.  He then asked me what was on the side of my friend’s box – a ridiculous question – and I told him I didn’t know, but it was odd that she had only bought hers last week and the headset was included.  He responded it was the “luck of the draw” and if I wanted to pay an extra £20 he could sell me a headset kit.   My response was to say I wasn’t going to pay for something that others are giving away free, and I would be sure to let as many people as I could know about this shambolic practice, hence this blog.

So, anyone reading this, please be aware that if you are buying a Samsung G600 mobile phone that you have the headset included, otherwise you will have to pay even more money to listen to the radio or other music.  And, if you are signing up to the O2 network, be aware that their Bluebook service is not compatible with this particular phone.

In in all, stay away from the Samsung G600 Pink mobile phone and the unhelpful staff at Carphone Warehouse.


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