R.I.P. Voldie – The Saga Ends

Yes, its official – Voldie is dead.   There is nothing more the mechanics can do for him.   After ploughing over £4,000 into repairs since I bought him in 2002 (for £7,200), Voldie has traversed his last mile. 

Thank you, Volkswagen for making my life a misery.   I bought this Polo car, from a dealership in Brentwood, when it was just one year old and because of your incompetence it has died at the tender age of 7.   Thank you Beadles – for not servicing the car when you were asked and leaving old oil in the engine for three years running and then charging me an arm and a leg for replacing the oil filter several times in one month and various other parts and not once checking the quality of the oil which you were supposed to change.  If you weren’t servicing it, why were my MOT bills in the £500 region every year?   If I had the money, I would sue you, but I can’t, because your bills sent me into financial ruin.

So, now I am having to rely on a close family member to obtain a small personal loan in order that I can afford a reliable, compact, Japanese car to get me through the next six years, by which time my debts should be cleared and I may be able to upgrade to a modern, reliable Japanese car.  Never again will I purchase a high maintenance, expensive European vehicle.  They’re just not worth it.

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