A Disappointing Day

Well, I did get a pay rise; a very small one – not enough to cover all the outgoings I’m soon to have.   I spoke to my manager about coming in late on Wednesdays in order to the City Lit’s Gaelic course on Wednesday nights but I was stopped in my tracks.   It seems my hours are to be changed.  The good news is I will be coming in earlier and leaving earlier; the bad news is that my shift is to be extended by half and hour and I am back to working Saturday mornings.

Another disappointment came with the firm’s in-house magazine – my photographs, as per my post of May: “Room with a View – Competition“, were not included.  Then again, neither were anyone else’s, as the whole article was absent.  In fact, nothing in the magazine related to any of the posts or polls to which I responded, which makes me wonder if its a different magazine altogether.

I also realised yesterday that it is only one week until I head up north and I have yet to partake of the Vegemite on a daily basis, which means I will be susceptable to midge bites.  Yuck.  I’ll just have to pack a jar and take it with me.

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