Pay Rise?

This evening my colleague informed me that she had received a salary increase.  As I arrive at work long after most have left, I am hoping that I will receive a letter this week informing me I, too, have been given a pay rise.  This would certainly allay any fears I’ve had about job security in such harsh economic climes.

It will also be helpful in resolving a few matters, such as the fact my Voldie won’t pass his MOT owing to a broken driver’s seat (£600 thank you very much), the small matter of spending money on my upcoming holiday (including my meals) and the matter of finding a wardrobe for same, i.e. jeans that haven’t been chewed by the dogs.  True, I’ve racked up some overtime this month, but I won’t see any of that until September, whereas the pay increase is effective as of 1 July, meaning it will appear in August’s pay.

So, keep your fingers crossed for me.

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