The Saga of Voldie – Part V

So, I jumped in Voldie to go to work and didn’t notice anything amiss, until I tried to get up the small hill on the country road behind our hamlet.  I got maybe ten metres and Voldie gave out.  I spent about five minutes trying to restart it, without the flashing warning signal and when this happened, I continued on my way, believing Voldie would perk up and it was only the heavy rain giving him trouble.   Well, I got to the next hamlet and realised I was not getting enough power to go on the motorway, so I turned and headed for home.

By this time, there was lightening and heavy thunder everywhere.  I found one of the boys to give me a lift to the train station.  I purchased my ticket and retrieved my phone from my handbag only to realise it was getting near the end of its charge.   I left a message for my fellow workers and proceeded to read a book.  After a while, I realised that, despite being peak hour, I was on my own at that station.  It looked wonderfully moody, so I located my camera in my handbag and started snapping.   What I got wasn’t very interesting, but then a freigh train came along.

Freight Train

Still, I was half an hour late for work, as I had missed the half hourly train service.  I was more disappointed about having to leave my Canon camera at home, though.  I had taken some pictures of birds flying with the new battery grip in place and I wanted to upload them tonight.   I can only hope the garage can help Voldie tomorrow and I can upload the pictures tomorrow night.

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