One of “those” Weeks

Yup. Its one of those weeks. After missing out on most of my weekend, the week has shown no sign of improvements. I have achieved nothing. I have not picked up my hub cap, I have not gone for my blood tests, I have not got the packing materials for my sister’s birthday parcel, I have not done any washing (tomorrow I will have to or come to work wearing nothing – eeeeeek), no housework, no reading – nothing.

I was so exhausted on Sunday morning when I finally got home that I spent a little time talking to my sister and my grandmother and then collapsed into bed, without setting my alarm. I slept through until 6 p.m., far too late to do anything. It also meant I could not get to sleep early, so I woke up at late on Monday. I did manage to get to work early and bank my expenses cheque and do a small shop at the Marks & Spencer close to work.

I had such high hopes for today, but, again, I could not sleep. Mostly because its getting warmer and I could not settle in the bed. I did manage to get to sleep before 7 a.m. though, but when I woke up my colitis kicked in and so by the time I managed to get ready, it was time to go to work.

Tomorrow is Wednesday and half the week will have gone by the time I get into work. I just hope things get better before the weekend.

At least I managed to take this on Saturday:

Glorious Gold

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