Summer Solstice

I have to admit to not making the most of the Summer Solstice this year.  I was up at before dawn and wanted to take some pictures, but by the time I charged me battery, sorted out my tripod, etc. the sky was covered in cloud.   I did take a few pictures, but I am not that happy with any of them.  So, instead I am putting in my favourite flower picture, which is of a peach coloured rose in the garden bed by the pool.

Peachy Rose

Most of the day I spent gossiping with my friends at Wicca Moon, apart from the morning when I had an appointment with my dentist, where I found out I need to return in two week’s time for yet another filling.   Not the best of news with which to celebrate the solstice.  I did return in plenty of time for sunset and was able to spend some time in contemplation, as planned.   So, it ended well at least.

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