Celtic Tales of Birds & Beasts

Celtic Tales of Birds & Beasts

Told by Mara Freeman
Music by Gerry Smida
ASIN: 1890851043

I found this CD in a shop, where it was hidden amongst the new age music CDS. I bought it and forgot about it for a few days. I finally remembered to put it in my handbag so I could listen to it in the car and was pleasantly surprised.

Mara Freeman tells the tales of:

“The Prince, the Fox and the Sword of Light”
“The Selkie”
“The Legend of the Oldest Animals”
“The Black Wolf”
“The Children of Lir”

They are told with a minimum of background music and the odd sound effect. Ms Freeman also takes the time to add light accents to the speeches within the tales. Each tale is told rather simply, making them accessible for children and adults alike. I enjoyed the CD and will probably listen to it every now and then.

I have not looked at the texts of any of these stories, but I don’t believe Ms Freeman was going for accuracy, rather atmosphere which is beautifully achieved on this CD.

Further information on Mara Freeman, and her other titles can be found at the Chalice Center website.

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