Coping Successfully with Colitis

Coping Succesfully with Colitis

by Peter Cartwright
ISBN:  978-0-85969-917-4

When I got my diagnosis through, I thought my problems were treatable.  It wasn’t until after my second visit to my consultant that I realised I was suffering from a long term condition.  Until I read this book, I had not idea how long-term that was!

I found this book extremely helpful and very easy to read.  It answered most of the questions I had about my dis-ease and there was information I had not even considered.  As a first step to understanding what I was facing, this book was ideal.

The layout is logical and the information presented for the lay person.  Medical terms are used, but only after they have introduced and explained in the text first.   There is an introduction, which informs the reader, accurately, about the contents of the book, giving the basics, such as the nature of ulcerative colitis, it cause, diagnoses and treatments in a one or two paragraph summation of each chapter. 

The chapters are as follows:

What causes ulcerative colitis?
Diagnosis and tests
Living with ulcerative colitis
Non-intestinal complications
Living with an ileostomy or a pouch
Special circumstances
Probiotics and prebiotics
Future developments

The book also has the following sections:

Sources of help;
Further reading; and

Mr Cartwright offers a simple, very easy to read book, which is peppered throughout with personal anecdotes from those living with the condition, displaying the variances in symptoms and sufferers.   I think reading about the experiences of others enabled greater comprehension of the material being presented.

Overall, a great introduction to ulcerative colitis, its management and future expectations.

Rating: 5/5

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