At last …

For those that have been reading the on-going troubles with my bathroom, you will be pleased to hear they are nearly at an end. After ferrying my landlady to the local Homebase to get the necessary supplies, my shower cubicle had the final sealant applied and is now waterproof. On Saturday, a decorator came and applied the first undercoat to the walls. Of course, the blue is still showing through in places, but I am assured he is to return.

In the meantime, I have been able to have two showers in my very own bathroom for the first time since January. I retrieved all my toiletries from the other building and have been enjoying using my own facilites. Okay, so the tray is chipped, and the nails are still rusty. The water is now being trapped in the lip of the door, because of the way my landlady applied the sealant, but I don’t care; I have a bathroom that I can use again.

Its not finished: the decorator is to return to finish the painting; my landlady wants to tidy up the back of the shower, which, rather awkwardly, covers up one of the windows; and the toilet handle still falls out on occasion. I just don’t care, so long as I can use the shower and I don’t have to trek across a courtyard and use someone else’s anymore.


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2 responses to “At last …

  1. Congrats 🙂
    No, really, a bathroom of one´s own is a luxury you only know how to value when you miss it for a time.
    Have fun. Christian

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