Photographing Wildflowers

So, I spent a bit of time on Saturday out and about with the cameras taking photographs of wildflowers.   It was wet and I ruined one pair of shoes and a pair of trousers and I lost the dog for about 30 minutes.   Of course, she nearly got killed crossing the road when I called her back, so I had to keep a close eye for the rest of the evening, which meant I may have missed some good shots.

I am still getting to grips with the macro functions on both cameras.   I have no idea how the pictures from the Canon turned out, as I no longer have the software to download the pictures on to my computer.  I will have to try and remember to find the discs to bring to work tomorrow.  In the meantime, I’ve uploaded the pictures from the Samsung and they’re not too bad.

This is probably my favourite from the Samsung L830:

Wild Flowers

Although I like these, too:

Unkown White Flowers 

Close up of Blue Flower

I just hope the pictures I took with the Canon 300D are up to scratch.


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4 responses to “Photographing Wildflowers

  1. I think the photos are very good. Well lighted and crisp. I like the blue flowers best. Canon 300D is a very good camera, of course 🙂
    Hope the dog is still well (Max, wasn´t it?). Have a good time. Christian.

  2. Thanks Christian. I haven’t uploaded the pictures form the Canon – yet. These were taken with a Samsung L830.

    As to Tess and her antics. She’s okay. She’s a little more savvy than Max when it comes to cars, but she was focussed on me while crossing the road, not the cars. She didn’t get hit, but had a near miss. Luckily, I was in the woodland, so no-one could admonish me. *shuffles feet* Not that she’s my dog anyways.

  3. Oh Tess, yes. I saw a photo of her on your flickr account. Whose dog is she? And Max?

  4. They both belong to my landlady.

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