Well, my landlady finally got around to starting the repairs to my bathroom. Unfortunately, the chemicals she is using to remove the sealant left me with a migraine.   It has now been around four months that I have been without bathing facilities.  

Other than that, I had an uneventful bank holiday weekend.  I had all these plans, none of which came to fruitition.  And, due to the migraine, I forgot to take my car in for its service.   *grrrr*   Still, I did get some nice photos of the tiny little flowers growing in the field outside my window.  I think I’ve finally mastered the macro function of my Samsung camera.


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2 responses to “Updates

  1. Those flowers are daisies, aren´t they? 🙂 Bellis perennis. Yes, your macro function seems to work. 🙂
    Migraine: I know that, I suffer from if very often and it can really be dreadful. Kind regards Christian

  2. They are indeed Bellis Perennis. If only I could get the macro function on my DSLR to work. *LOL*

    This is only the third migraine I’ve ever had, though they run in the family. Its the sensitivity that gets to you – light, sound, movement. *grrr*

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