The End of Smoking … continued

I was bored at work last night, as I had to stay and do some overtime, though the work was sparse.   I telephoned my sister, who is on secondment to a another branch of her company and is constantly bored, as the centre is quiet compared to her usual place of work.   After one false start of a conversation, my sister told me she had just quit smoking and was using patches.  

No Smoking in this AreaI told her how pleased I was she had decided to give up and asked what had prompted the decision.  She replied she was bored with smoking and didn’t want to do it anymore; which was exactly my reason.   I told her to think of the money she would be saving and she told me of her company’s scheme whereby employees who successfuly quit the habit can claim a one-off payment, an incentive to all I should think.

Unfortunately, my sister had started her patches on the day she had a tooth removed and so the first patch had to be removed.  Once she is off the pain killers, however, she will restart.    I am cheering for her.   So, as of July 23, 2008 my sister will also be a non-smoker.   Seems the impetus to quit is contagious in my family.


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