Secure Data?

I received a letter in the post from Boots explaining how a disc, containing my personal data and that of others, was stolen from a security vehicle.  The letter was accompanied by a further letter from Medisure who underwrote the scheme to which I subscribed, further explaining that the theft was was one of opporunity and was not planned.   The letter also attempted to assure me that the data was encrypted and, therefore, of little value to anyone.  Despite this, it urges me to be vigilant about any activity on my accounts.

Considering how many discs containing personal data have gone missing, or been stolen these days, you would think that people would be more vigilant about leaving such things lying around, unattended.  But, no.   Stupidity seems to reign when it comes to the personal details of the citizens of the United Kingdom.   Fraud is on the increase, yet the people who insist of retaining our data are still making promises they obviously cannot keep.  Our details are not safe in their hands.  

Now utilities companies are requiring people to sign up to direct debit systems in order to pay bills.  Well, not every bank account allows you to do this and what’s more, why would you hand over your banking details to anyone, especially those companies who constantly appear on programmes such as “Watchdog” for appalling customer service?   They are the least likely to care about the security of our details, surely?

I am lucky, on this occasion, in that the bank details containted on the stolen disc are no longer relevant.  That said, there are still other details held by Boots, which may be on that disc, that could be used by fraudsters to my detriment.   Needless to say, I was not happy to receive this letter.


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2 responses to “Secure Data?

  1. What is Boot and what is Medisure?
    As for data security I think we all wil lhave to learn. I am afraid I have given out far too many of my personal data in many different places all over the net and all over many databases over the years. Shouldn´t be too hard to impersonate me, I fear. It is only lately that I have become more aware of the dangers and risks.

  2. Boots is a high street pharmacy that offers various types of insurance, and Medisure is one of their underwriters.

    It seems this has finally made the news: 27,000 Customer Bank Records stolen from Boots – at least I’m not alone.

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