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My Brother\'s House 

I learned from my sister, this week, that my brother has signed a contract on the above house.   Its great news, because it means he feels settled in his new town and is ready to put down roots.   I am so pleased for him, but, at the same time, a little jealous.  I would dearly love to be able to purchase my own home.   Alas, my brother is far more astute when it comes to money matters and, so, I must be content with living vicariously through him. 

That said, I don’t envy my brother the work he has to do.  Although, the previous owners undertook some renovation work, it seems they did not finish it.   I know that my father will be more than willing to help my brother bring the house up to scratch, and my father always enjoys going “out west” as we say.   He certianly has a number of talented friends, and family, who will be willing to put in some hours helping him out.  He has always been generous with his time and I am sure this will be reciprocated.

I am sure, too, my mother will invite herself once the house is completed.  Actually, I happen to know she is already looking at train tickets.   I am not sure when my sister will be out for a visit, but she is sure to go.  It may be that my brother ends up hosting Christmas one year, but I doubt it, as his cottage only have three bedrooms and it just couldn’t accommodate the clan that is our family.  

I am mulling over what, if anything, I should send him as a house-warming present.   I know he had his own flat during his last year of college, so he probably has a lot of things.   The Guiness store debacle of last Yule has put me off searching out items from that particular range.   If anyone has any ideas on what to get a fussy gentleman for a house warming present, given the sketch of the new residence above, I welcome suggestions.

Congratulations little brother.   I hope the conveyancing goes smoothly.

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