Spring Fling


I’m sitting here eating porridge as snow falls lightly outside the window.  It’s a lovely, chilly spring day in the south-east, and I should be going outside and walking in the wood, soaking up the wonderful energies.   Instead, I am stuck here in the office at the top of a skyscraper in the City of London working.   Well, okay, I’m not working this minute because I am typing this entry but I am here in the office.

Statistically, it is more likely to snow at easter than christmas in this country – so said the weatherman on television the other night.  Great, I thought.  I adore snow; can’t get enough of it really and I am going to be missing it all becuase of work.  I’m sorry to sound so grumpy, but I am tired and ratty and I won’t be getting a break now until the end of April.   Its snowing and I can’t go out and play.   Also, I was unable to get an international calling card to telephone my family over the break because I was stuck at work.  

I have been wanting to take a picture of an old bus stop which has a forest of daffodils growing in front of it, today would have been perfect with the spring snows dusting the grass.  Again, this opportunity was missed because I am required in the office. 

So, I am going to finish the post and go and wallow in self-pity for a while.  Not that I’ll probably get much of a chance, because I HAVE TO WORK.


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2 responses to “Spring Fling

  1. If you have a good porridge recipe I would be happy to have it. I had a lot of porridge as a child at home, but somehow my own version does not really satisfy me. Do you have to use cream?

  2. ‘Fraid not. I use instant (microwave) porridge because I tend to eat it at work when I’ve not had time at home. I use semi-skimmed milk, too.

    I do find adding fruits and nuts helpful though.

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