The Saga of Voldie – Part III

For those that have been following the saga, it seems we are now coming to the end.  I had to take the car in today because the warning lights refused to go away.  Unfortunately, there was nothing they could do.  He needs a new engine, they said. 

 “How much?” I queried, rather tentatively.

“£2,000 plus”, he said sympathetically.

Well, I can’t afford that, so I telephoned my old mechanic who quoted me around £800 back in March last year.   He is going to get back to me with a quote tomorrow.   I only have a little over £1,000 set aside for emergencies, so things aren’t looking good. 

The worst part is: if I don’t have a car; then I don’t have a job.   Oh well, here’s betting on the lottery.

Still, there is some positive news on the home front.   I was searching for a new place to rent the other night and came across some interesting properties for rather low rental prices.   It got me to thinking about the cost of purchasing.  It turns out there are properties in the area in which I want to live that I can afford – in fact, it would be cheaper than the rent I am currently paying.

As it happens, my landlady has received over £24,000 from me since I moved in.  That’s a lot of money I could have put to my own property.   So, the hunt is on.  I just hope with all my financial woes, I am still eligible for a 100% mortgage.  BTW, the monies I have paid to my landlady would have paid off half the mortgage on some of the properties I looked at.

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