Odd and the Frost Giants

Odd and the Frost Gians

Author:  Neil Gaiman
ISBN:     9780747595380

I found this book at Tescos being sold for £1.  I was intrigued, given I liked the storyline of “Stardust”, the movie, and I knew Mr Gaiman had a hand in that.   As it turns out, this book had been printed for World Book Day 2008.  What a shame, I didn’t have my token with me.

I got home and, whilst waiting for a particular television programme to appear, I read it.  It only took 45 minutes, but it was a pleasurable 45 minutes.  The book is aimed at children, I’m sure, but I still enjoyed it. 

The story centres around Odd, a viking boy living with his Scottish mother and Fat Elfred, his rather short-tempered stepfather.   Odd is a fitting name for this boy, as most think him strange and his story, as told in the book is wyrd, too.

Do read this to your children as a bedtime story; it will give them insight into how a boy can defeat those bigger and stronger than himself.  Its also a nice little introduction to the gods of the Norse myths.

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