The End of Smoking – Part Deux

For those that don’t know, I had my last cigarette on the 2 January 2008.   Shortly thereafter, I wrote a blog about my experience: The End of Smoking.  Well, I did a bit of checking, mostly with my health insurers, and it turns out I could not consider myself a non-smoker until at least three months had passed.

So, yesterday was the two month mark of my not smoking; leaving only one month until I am officially a non-smoker.

Do I miss it?  Suprisingly, I don’t.  I don’t really think about it and, on occasion, I have forgotten to tell friends with whom I have not communicated since the New Year.   Its only when they light up that I remember to tell them my good news.  Its a wonderful feeling actually.

I also had my follow-up with my consultant today in relation to my colitis treatment.  He is very pleased with my progress, but I am to remain on the medication at least for another three months.  I suspect it will be some time before he even considers lowering the dosage and, perhaps, a few years before I can bin the medication altogether.  I don’t mind, as my absence record has already been reduced and we’re only in March.   I still feel quite good and I’m still losing weight.


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2 responses to “The End of Smoking – Part Deux

  1. gabier

    I have Ulcerative Pan Colitis and have been in remission for 12 month but have become ill again and without reason. My guess is season. I too need to give up smoking but have used the link with colitis as a reason not to stop.
    What is the result after 6 months of not smoking and has there been any reduction of medications?

  2. I stopped smoking before my diagnosis of colitis, so I had not idea of the link. I will say that the medication helped, but the side effects were awful, so I’m back where I started.

    However, while away on holiday and taking every bit of medication I could, I resorted to bumming rollies from a fellow tour group member and this alleviated my symptoms. That said, I would rather have colitis than lung cancer, so once the tour was over I was back to being smoke free and I don’t miss it one bit.

    Personally, I think the risks of smoking are too great to return to it. I would rather live with the symptoms of colitis.

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