Darn …

At one of the forum groups I attend, we’ve had a vote on which books we’d like to read and chat about in February.   Well, I nominated three books on different subjects; I have only read one, but I am interested to hear the thoughts of others on these books.

Now, the vote was supposed to be private, but everyone posted their thoughts in the open forum.   I am somewhat disappointed to see that everyone has voted for a book that you can download for free from the net, and they are all saying its because of cost.   Has no-one in this country ever heard of a library?   Me, I obtain books from swap sites and second-hand bookstores if I can’t access them from the library.

Can you tell no-one voted for my suggestions?

Don’t mind me, I’m in a griping mood.   No water, a cold coming on and peeved that I am unable to have any privacy in my own home at the moment.

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