The End of Smoking

Just before Yule, I decided I wanted to quit smoking – again.  I saw my doctor and he prescribed patches, and I made a follow-up appointment.  Owing to the other medical appointments I had scheduled before Yule, I felt it wasn’t the right time to quit, as there were other, more important things with which to concern myself.

So, rather than quit on new year’s day – I don’t believe its the day to start or stop anything – I gave up on the day after.   I have been using the patches and, surprisingly, they are making it much easier than the last time I gave up.   I do have cravings, but they quickly subside; I don’t have to sweat-it-out for three or more minutes.    Having tried gum and inhalators to no avail, I am happy that these patches seem to be doing the trick, regardless of their lack of aesthetics.   Actually, the gum didn’t work at all, I continued to smoke whilst chewing.  The inhalators made my heart beat in the scariest way, so that was binned very quickly indeed.

Today will mark the seventh day and, historically, this is one of the crisis points.   I hope I can get through it and continue, because I really do loathe the whole addiction thing.   Smoking has become rather difficult in this country: my particular brand of cigarettes is now over £5 a packet; its impossible to smoke in public anymore because the definition of an enclosed space appears to mean anything with a roof and one (or more) walls; its becoming illegal to smoke in your car; and, basically, there is an abundance of people who will berate you for smoking, whether or not they know you personally.

True, I will miss out on smirting and, despite there being an significant amount of people who bemoan being left alone in restaurants and pubs whilst their smoking friends indulge in smirting, I believe these numbers are increasing and I hope to be one.

I am still trying to work out, though, when I can officially call myself a non-smoker.  Any ideas?


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2 responses to “The End of Smoking

  1. kotazzz

    Well done! I’m trying to quit as well, so you’re not alone… Actually smokers trying to quit are never alone…

    I’m not sure if you can call yourself a non-smoker yet, but I’m sure youre on the way there!

    posted by: KoTa

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