Guinness Store – USA

I wanted to get my brother something useful for his birthday this year.   I started looking a month in advance.  I knew he liked his guinness gear, so I searched for it online.  If you are ordering items to be delivered to Australia, you need to log on to the Guinness Store in the United States.  I promptly found two items I thought were suitable and I started the purchasing process.

I had the items delivered to my father’s address, knowing my brother called in there whenever he was back in town.   I checked with my father a few times and was frustrated when the items did not turn up for his birthday.   Unfortunately, I was on leave from work at this time and so could not check my emails for the cause of this calamity.

I did eventually receive an email from Guiness telling me that the credit card purchase had not gone through and they needed new card details before the purchase could continue.  This was three weeks after my initial purchase from the website.   As I had lost my debit card (only four days beforehand) and was awaiting a replacement at this stage, I could not submit any details.  I responded to the email asking why it had taken over 14 days to even put the credit card through?   I receive an automated response saying it would be 24 to 48 hours before they could respond?  

Was this a joke?  Is this what customer service is all about?  From a worldwide brand at that?   Yes, they did eventually send a response; it restated the original email?   No reason provided, no apology.  I would have thought 14 days was more than enough time to purchase an item and have it delivered.  The average from the UK is four days – letters and packages.   The fact that it took them over 14 days to even process the payment was ludicrous.

What was even more upsetting was that I got my new card and I sent them the new details, only to have them respond that one of the items was now out of stock.  What?!?  

WARNING:  If you wish to purchase anything from Guinness, do not use their USA store.  Purchase the item in person from the retailer, then post it yourself.  At least you can guarantee you have the correct item and it will arrive on time. 

If this is the state of a Celtic Tiger business, its no wonder the Asian Tiger is now the pack leader.

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