Doctors & Devils

This is for anyone back home who reads this blog.  My chronic complaint has recently become acute and so I trotted off to see the doctor yesterday.   As soon as I mentioned one of the symptoms I have been living with for nigh on 8 years, the doc shot up out of his chair and said he was getting me an urgent referral to a surgeon.   I had absolutely no chance of speaking to him about other issues.  In fact, he was blatantly uninterested.

It seems then I am to be referred to a specialist, who will no doubt find nothing and tell me to just “live with it” as the other medicos have done previously.   Now you know why I hate going to see the doctor:  they make mountains out of molehills and cause more trouble than they cure.  Anyways, I may be offline for a while.   So, don’t be surprised if you don’t hear from me.

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