The last two nights have been quiet enough at work for me to take some pictures of London.   I was hoping to catch Wembley during the match earlier in the week, because you can see the arch from here, but it wasn’t to be.   I also couldn’t capture the BT tower, it just didn’t want to stay in focus and the lights were reflecting from the rest of London, causing my camera a bit of confusion.

The weather affected the first set I took.  Because of the low cloud cover, this sulphuric orange light effuses across the sky making everything look tacky.   You can see this in the first photo I took of Canary Wharf.   The photos I took on Saturday morning are much clearer, because the clouds are higher.

There are two photos I particulary like, but I cannot decide between them.   The first is this one top left. The second is the one you see bottom left.  There is probably not much between them, really.  Only, there is something about the bottom one I prefer.    I just can’t explain it.

I lost one of my memory cards for a time, so I have let my photography experiments slide. Its a shame really, because there are times when I think this is the only artistic expression I have.   I do like playing around with the camera, but I am never sure what I am doing and so rely a lot on the imaging editing software on my work computer.  Its simplistic but effective.  

At least with an SLR camera, I find I throw out a lot less photographs then when I was using a snap and shoot camera.   Sure, I often miss shots because it takes so long to set up, but I would prefer to have one good photograph than 32 mediocre or poor quality pictures.  Though I do have to admit that one day I will need to get another point and shoot to take on holidays, as carrying around an SLR and three lenses, batteries and memory cards is quite exhausting and bulky when on a tour.

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