A Place Called “Home”

I have often wondered if I will ever have a place of my own.  I had intended to return to Australia, purchase some land and build one of the houses created by Storybook Cottages.  The one I particularly wanted is no longer pictured on their website, it having been updated in the last two years since I last looked.   It was my hope to be able to do this with the assistance of my sister.  Alas, we have not won the lottery.

However, since I will probably never return, I have been looking at areas in North West Scotland in the hope I can find a good little cottage or blackhouse surrounded by wilderness.   I don’t want anything big, but you would be surprised at the kind of money they fetch.  I once met a gentleman on Harris, who had purchased a run-down blackhouse for £15,000 (in 2004) and was restoring it, bit by bit.  I am sure you wouldn’t find one for that price these days.  Even something as small as the above property (two bedrooms) is over £100,000.  What chance have I, then?

Still, when the day comes for me to move, I hope that the right property will appear.  Otherwise, I may have to use just a little magic.

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