Weekend Plans

Aside from the usual housework, etc. I am hoping to make this weekend a little more productive than the last one.   I am hoping to go up to the woodlands and take some wintry photographs, not to mention some photographs of those items I wish to pass on to grateful new owners.

I also hope to catch up with a few friends, either in person or by phone, as I have been neglecting them somewhat – shameful, but true.   I am also hoping to catch up on the reading I have been neglecting.  My “to be read” list is growing and I am anxious to get started on some of my more recent acquisitions, but I am disciplining myself not to do so until the older books are read – first.

I did find a new website for recycling books, Green Metropolis, whereby every book is £3.75 regardless of age, cover or otherwise.   It saves books being burned and a little money from every transaction 5 pence goes to The Woodland Trust.  Worthwhile, I say.

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