Road Works

I am constantly amazed as to the signs indicating the closure of the Limehouse Link and the Blackwall Tunnel.   The Limehouse Link signs have actually become a source of amuzement amongst my friends and I.    You see, the end date for roadworks keeps getting put back two months at a time.  At the moment, its indicating that it will be shut until the 23rd December, 2007.    Of course, I should go and put a bet on in Ladbrokes that at the end of December, it will say the tunnel is shut until 29th February 2008.

As to the Blackwall Tunnel, anyone who has ever travelled (or not) in the southbound tunnel after midnight between Tuesdays and Saturday will know that it was supposed to have been completed in Spring 2004 – at least that is what the first ever sign I saw indicated.  Given it is now Winter 2007 and all emails from Transport for London still say the works will be completed “soon”, one has to wonder if it will ever be finished.   Personally, I think not given that its rare to see anyone working in the tunnel whilst travelling through it in convoy.   I have yet to go through on a Tuesday when contraflow is not in place, meaning the northbound tunnel appears to be constantly undergoing roadworks, too.

I am always amazed to see traffic jams at two or three in the morning, but not anymore.  The way the Department of Transport handle roadworks I should be surprised there are no traffic jams anywhere – no matter what the time, day or night.

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