Playgans II

It seems I have managed to offend the owners and moderators of yet another pagan forum.   I wrote a response to an article that had been lifted wholesale from another site into a post on Spiritual Jems.  My post was seen as being critical and argumentative and the moderators do not want any criticism to appear in any post on the fora.   This to me is dangerous in the extreme.  It is as if they are saying:  “You are not allowed to criticise us”.  Why not?  If someone has their facts wrong, surely they should be challenged?

No, instead they criticise me for being honest and truthful.   The post was erroneous in its description of pagans to the point where it would have exluded the majority of pagans, except some neo-wiccans.   The article also flagrantly opposed the generally-held view of historians, archaeologists, anthropologists and the dictionary!  The fact that the moderators and owners of the site are prepared to allow such misinformation to stand shows just how much they care about their members, seekers and the public at large.   Its unethical.

Sure, I could have posted my own definition, as suggested, but that would have led to confusion for anyone new to paganism, being completely contradictory to the first definition and being a separate thread under an identical name, and this is part of the problem.   By not correcting misleading information and by not challenging webmasters on their facts, etc. we are allowing those who would genuinely like to travel a pagan path to be misled by false shepherds.   We should take responsibility for our own and, should that get us banned from website, then so be it.   Warrior Pagans unite.  Down with playgans.

Update 29 August 2010: It seems that the Spiritual Jems website is no more.   Truth wins out it seems.

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