The Weekend

I had a productive weekend, starting with a win on Euromillions lottery of £32.  Not bad, and it will pay for subscriptions for a couple of months..  Anyways, its a nice way to start the weekend.   Saturday I went and picked up a parcel from the post office and it was a free book I had received “The Bourne Ultimatum” through a reader’s offer.  All I had to do was submit my name and address to the site and wait 28 days.   Easy.  I will add it to my Bookmooch and RISI lists and exchange it for something I want.

Sunday I managed to start on my autumnal cleaning.   I’m not one for spring cleaning; I tend to do the nesting thing in the autumn.   Its strange, even though I’d not left my abode all day, I felt like I had achieved something and so was quite content by Sunday night.    Of course, my happiness was increased when my landlord informed me I had a parcel delivered and he was waiting to see me before handing it over.

My first crossbow.  It was also the source of my only disappointment as it was in awful condition, which the seller had neglected to disclose on ebay.  Cracks in the bow, the wood has lost most of its lacquer, the red eye scope bolts are rusted and immovable, the string is frayed (though this was disclosed by the seller) and its in generally very poor condition, nobody appears to have cared for it.

Oh well.  I guess you get what you pay for.  I hope everyone else had a good weekend, too.

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