Night of the Bard

Steve Patterson gave a wonderful performance last Thursday night at Wicca Moon.   Although billed as a talk on the cunning men and women of Cornwall, he surprised us all by playing a lyre, hooked up to an amplifier, and re-telling stories and singing songs from the days of old adding a twist to the normal lectures one hears on the subject of cunning craft.

First of all, he dimmed the lights, lit some incense and asked us to close our eyes as he led us into the realm of the storyteller.   His use of the mythology of the British Isles and folkore pertaining to Cornwall, but exploring it in a seasonal context made the evening more like a bardic or storytelling evening and it was enjoyed all the better for it.  I do hope that Wicca Moon invite him back to give more talks and I found Steve Patterson to be highly entertaining – and he is a wonderful craftsman of reclaimed wood.

I only had one complaint and that is one of the attendees insisted on scribbling sketches on her notepad throughout the whole performance.   Having a problem with hearing in my right ear (the side facing Steve) and her being on my left meant that I missed certain sections of the talk and, when I closed my eyes, I found all I could hear was her scribbling.  I found it the height of rudeness on her part, only to find out that a gentleman on the far side of the room was texting the whole time.   I have to wonder why they bothered to attend at all?

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