Well, it seems I got banned from an Australian pagan site for being two-faced, despite not breaking a single rule of the fora.   I have been banned from Newcastle Pagan Forest by missdollparts, the owner and organiser of the site.   Shana, as she is also known, decided to join An Fianna.  I did not invite her there, though I do put AF as my home page in profiles – she made her way there of her own accord.  

Well, Shana registered as pagan-forest and was doing quite well, even posting an introduction within 24 hours, until she took some comments out of context and, instead of debating like a grown-up, she threw a hissy fit at being questioned about eclecticism and cultural robbery, and stated she was leaving the fora.  I wrote a message of support, hoping to calm her down (at her own website) Newcastle Pagan Forest, and made a comment about the nature of paganism in Australia (generally speaking) at An Fianna in response to a comment made by a fellow member in Shana’s Intro thread.   Shana took this as two-faced behaviour and banned me from her site, despite my not having broken a single rule of the fora at Newcastle Pagan Forest.   Missdollparts (Shana) also hurled unwarranted insults:

Will Lani or I do not want 2 faced people … your lack of charater [sic]”

Shame, really.   You’d think that those that put themselves in positions whereby they organise other pagans would be above such pettiness?  Love and light Shana / missdollparts / pagan-forest.

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