Busy Nothings II

Sorry I haven’t written of late.  I’ve been off work sick.  Nothing serious – just nausea and dizziness – but serious enough for me to be scared to drive, if that makes sense?   It just means I’ve not had computer access for a few days.   I’ve also not had mail for a few days either.   The postal strikes have put a damper on a lot of book swapping, that’s for sure.

The Saga of Voldie … continued

Voldie is due in for his MOT tomorrow.  I had him booked in with Dave, so I rang to confirm on Saturday, only to find that Dave has been evicted from his current premises and is out of operation, temporarily.  Well, thanks for letting your clients know.  Turns out, my landlady/landlord didn’t know either because they were about to take their truck up to him in the afternoon when I asked them if they had known about Dave’s sudden departure?   They were a little upset to say the least.

Luckily, Dave gave me the name of another business who could do my MOT.  So, Voldie goes off tomorrow to be check for road-worthiness.   Unfortunately, though, Voldie has a problem with the driver’s side window in that it won’t move.  When you are nauseous and in need of fresh air, having an electronic window that won’t open is very frustrating.  It was also confusing for the parking attendants at work who had to attend to my passenger window to swipe my pass, etc.  I have been informed of another garage that may be able to help with the window and I’ll call them if and when Voldie passes his MOT.

Keep your fingers crossed for me, people.  

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