Elf Shot

I was quite surprised to find that you can purchase elf-shot (i.e. neolithic arrowheads) through ebay these days and that they come with Certificates of Authentication.   I was also surprised for find they cost around £1 each.   So, I got myself some elf-shot.   Technically, though, the piece I bought was  a spearhead and mesolithic, not an arrowhead, so perhaps I shouldn’t refer to it as elf-shot?

Mesolithic Spearhead

Not sure what I am going to use it for yet, but I feel kind of honoured to hold an object that is around 9½ thousand years old.   As it is coming up to All Hallows, however, perhaps I can use it to represent my ancestors, as I don’t have any pictures here with me that might assist with my meditations.  

I have put a very small bid in for some arrowheads, but as I have told a few “friends” about the items, I will probably be outbid.  

Not to worry, the money goes to a Museum to help raise funds.  I do wonder, though, how people feel about their past these days.  Sure, there is a plethora of history and archaeology programmes on television these days, but what about the selling of artefacts?  Personally, I’m happy because I am more likely to win the lottery than to find a flint arrowhead whilst out in the woods.   Otherwise, the opportunity to purchase an antiquity, and help raise funds for further studies would be beyond my capabilities.

I am not sure how I’d feel though about selling rare items.  As it is, I am not always enthusiastic about Museums holding on to pieces from other countries, such as the British Museum.   Its great that everyone has an opportunity to view these artefacts, by why not send them back to their country of origin, only borrowing items for “special exhibits”?

Rather like they do with art from time to time.  I remember seeing the Van Gogh exhibit in Brisbane, where several paintings had been borrowed from galleries and private collectors worldwide.   I was happy to pay that bit extra to see a large collection of his works, as well as those of the artists that inspired him and whom he inspired.

I also saw a wonderful collection of Egyptian antiquities when it travelled around Australia.  Again, you paid extra, but it was worth it to see an exemplary representation of what was recovered and resting in various collections around the world.

I’m pretty sure most wouldn’t agree with me on this, but its just the way I feel.   So, in the meantime, I have my Brythonic spearhead to take home and place in a position of honour.  

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