What made me happy?

One one of the fora I visit, Pentacle Magazine, there is a thread called “What made you happy today?”.    I didn’t get a chance to write here yesterday, or to look at any of the fora I usually frequent, so my response to the question today was not having to work any overtime this weekend.

Its true.  I’m exhausted, I’ve not had a day off in two weeks and I am looking forward to having the whole weekend to myself.   I have great plans for its, too:  washing, ironing, cleaning, walking in the woods, taking some photographs, going to Bromley farm’ers market and Polhill.  Of course, in reality, I will probably sleep for a lot of it, but even if I only tick one or two things off my list, I will be grateful.

As much as I appreciate the overtime, knowing I need to replace my Voldie, it does throw my routine out and my sleep becomes haphazard.   It takes me time to recover these days.  Is this a sign of old age creeping up?   Perhaps that’s why I noticed a few more grey hairs this month, the stress of it all.

On a more positive note: I love that autumn has finally arrived.   The weather is cooler and a little damper, I can eat soup and feel like its appropriate, the pumpkins are coming out and the time for scrying draws nearer.  I find autumn and winter truly magical times of the year.   Others feel the loss of summer and the warmth, I relish the incoming seasons of cool, crisp air and frosty or snow covered grounds.   Those that know me know that I love snow more than any other kind of weather.  I have been known to text my sister back in Australia at the first sign of snow; although, I don’t think she always appreciates this.  😀

I guess I have a lot to be thankful for.  That said, I will still love a real fireplace in my little home.  Ah well, we can all dream eh?

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