The Saga of Voldie Part II

For those of you that know me, it will come as no surprise to learn that the warning lights flashed on my car on the way to work tonight.  Considering it has only been two weeks since it was last with the mechanic, and it is due to go in for its MOT in two weeks’ time, I feel I am justified in being more than a little angry.

What makes me furious is that these things only seem to happen after my mechanic has closed shop for the day.  This means I have to drive my car to (and from) work before I can take it in.  Too bad if its something serious.  I imagine it will be something serious because I have no cash to pay for it – again.

What sends me over the top is that the warning lights that appeared today are the same two warning lights that have been appearing for the last three years.  The same two warning lights showing the same problem that Beadles (Dartford) were unable to rectify, despite several thousand pounds of my money and several weeks of my time – not all of which was compensated with a hire car.  Not to mention that Beadles also neglected to service my car for two years, despite requests to do so.   Still, they have my money, what do they care? 

At least I had one bit of good news today.  I found the obsolete lipstick for sale on ebay and for under £5.  Bargain.

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