Busy Nothings

It is Monday, and I have been working non-stop since last Monday.  The deal “closed” yesterday.  I am shattered and coming to work today was very difficult indeed.  I couldn’t get to sleep, a combination of exhaustion and adrenaline I presume.  My dreams were centred around work and I kept waking up thinking I had to come into work.

I am grateful for the rain today, as people slow down when driving in the wet and it made it easier for me to concentrate and less dangerous for me on the roads, as tired as I am.   I have to go to the supermarket on the way home tonight, though, as I haven’t done any shopping for about ten days and there is nothing in the house.

There were a few highlights to the day.  I was able to pick up my charm bracelet from the jewellers with all the charms now firmly soldered on to the bracelet.   They had also put some extra jump rings on my pendant so a chain can now go through it and I can wear it.   When I got to work, I had a package from Amazon containing a book I’ve had on order for nigh on three months now.   I didn’t realise it was a hard back copy, but I’m chuffed.

I’ve also had some time to sort out some pictures from last year when the well was cleared of debris.  This meant I could fulfil a promise I made to send the pictures to someone who helped with the clear out.   I really should have sorted it earlier, and I’m glad he was able to forgive my tardiness.

Oh, and I had a nice email from the clients thanking me (and the others) for our support throughout the deal.   Well, they’re welcome, but … ah … never again.   I’m getting too old to go without sleep and food and still work.  I just don’t have that youthful exhuberance anymore. 

I do have one minor complaint from today:  Why is it when you find the perfect colour lipstick the manufacturer decides to discontinue it?   For the last ten years or so, I have been buying lipsticks in threes, because no sooner do I find a great colour then it no longer exists.  Well, it happened again today and Max Factor is the culprit.   So, they get the raspberry for today.

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