Quirky Animations

There have been a few links passed around lately on some of the fora I attend.  One of them was this Meez site, where you can create an animated version of yourself.  Well, I tried it, but I don’t think it looks like me.

Meez Image

Well, you couldn’t choose body type at Meez, so I appear to have a long sleek body.   Of course, this allowed me to choose the clothing I would love to wear, but cannot because of my current size.  Who know?  By New Year, this might change.  *LOL*  Strangely, though, I could make my nose larger, which I did.

Of course, I had to have some kind of weapon, and Meez didn’t provide cross bows, only long bows, so I took up the sword instead.  The background, as you may notice is similar to that as seen in the picture that is at the head of this blog page.  😉

Of course, I did try out several looks before deciding on this one.   I may yet display them all – here.

Then the next animation link came along.  This is one where you could see what you would look like if you were a character in The Simpsons.   Alas, I didn’t have a current picture of myself to complete the process, but if anyone wants to have a go themselves, you can check it out at Simpsonize Me.   If you do manage to get a Simpson-ized picture of yourself, please let me see it.  

I’ve seen some of the results my friends got.  If you’re a man and you have facial hair, it may not be so good, but otherwise they seemed quite good.

I guess this post shows that I’ve been a bit bored and have been messing about on the computer.   If you’re bored, you now have some links with which to play. 

Have fun!

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