An Evening’s Musing

Moon Rising
Autumn lingers on the evening air,
As the sun warms even the bluest sky to a pastel orange.
The days remain muggy and a little warm,
Whilst the evenings are fresher and dry.
Autumn hovers but dares not enter,
As Summer seems rather loathe to go.
But soon the trees will lose their leaves,
And Jack Frost will start his dewy displays.
Summer will be gone, but not forgotten,
And Autumn will be seen by the fire’s glow.


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3 responses to “An Evening’s Musing

  1. I really like the idea of this poem! Consider revamping the language. “Whilst” is severely out of place. and Jack Frost could stay at home, there is no reason to conjure him up. Work on the descriptions a bit more and hone them. Keep writing!

  2. To Walden: Eeek! There’s nothing worse than offering constructive feedback that wasn’t solicited…(and if it was indeed solicited, then pardon me for butting-in!) 🙂

    To B*Witch: Your poem is beautiful. I especially like the line,

    “As summer seems loathe to go.”

  3. Heya Walden,

    Thanks for the appraisal. I’m afraid I am an untrained poet, never having had any instruction on composition, form or language.

    I have always written down my thoughts in times of stress in prose and poetry and have found it therapeutic. So, I instead of hiding them away, I will post them here, as the mood takes me.

    Thank you, Jerome M for your appreciation. As to unsolicited feedback: I post my words here for all to see and allow comments, so I must expect criticism as well as praise – one without the other would be worthless, anyway. As it is, the comments are balanced. 🙂

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